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Hi. It has been sometime since I blogged. Here is an update of what is going on:

  • A friend had come over last week. We were laughing over our old school pics and discussing people. It was good fun. I am planning to scan them, upload them on fb and tag people. My batchmates will kill me. Some of them are so much hotter now. Their school pic on fb will be the absolute killjoy
  • Recently I noticed that a lot of Gujju acquaintances are getting married to Gujju guys. Nothing wrong with that except… how is it possible that people travel far away from their homeland and fall in love with a guy of the same community? It beats all logic. And it is not just 1 person… 3-4 people. My above friend (who is a Gujju and dating a Marathi) did not have very good things to say about this. Her opinion is that Gujjus can only bond with Gujjus. I don’t advocate this reason… but cannot find a fitting explanation.
  • I baked my first pizza in new microwave and it turned out yum…
  • I cooked bhindi veg in the microwave. When tomatoes are cooked on gas they turn sour… give a khatta taste to veg while in the microwave they give a sweet taste. Wow!!! I am fascinated
  • I am off to Goa tomorrow for an official trip with colleagues. Not really looking forward to it but got to do it
  • Got my increment and I am pretty happy with it ‘coz my expectations are lower. I guess happiness and satisfaction is about lower expectations. It is all about ‘managing expectations’
  • Got a Bose wave player as incentive. The music quality is damn good but I need to connect it to the TV and see. I can’t think of any more electronics/gadgets we need… we have them all… 2 LCD TVs, washing machine, AC (another one on its way), coffee maker (packed and kept aside), rice cooker (useless), Ipod, sound bar (for laptop), 2 microwaves, toaster, blackberry etc. Whew!!!
There maybe some good news and announcements here next month. Fingers crossed.

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