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I have watched many, many movies recently but not blogged about them… here goes:

– Supermen of Malegaon:
   I watched the ad on TV when it released but forgot to download it. KC and I picked up the CD to kill time during this long holiday. I loved it. It is a documentary of people in Malegaon who make movies. The movies are generally a spoof of the existing one- Sholay… Deewar… etc. The guy (producer/director) decides to attempt the spoof of Superman. He finds innovative ways to film the hero flying in the sky.
The purpose of the documentary is not that someone in Malegaon is making movies… it is about people with limited means following their dreams. If they can do it, why can’t we?

– Paranorma:
  This is an animated flick about a kid who can see and talk to ghosts. Everyone thinks he is mad and a freak until he saves the town from the witch’s curse. An ok movie… can be avoided in the theater.

– Mere dad ki Maruti:
   This was a surprise entertainer. We read the good reviews and headed to the theater 2 weeks back. I had only heard the “Punjabiyon ki battery charge rehendi hain” and hated it… I assumed it was some stupid low budget flick. It is a fabulous and funny movie. The actor – Saqib Saleem is Huma Querishi’s brother… the actress – Rhea Chakraborty is the winner of TVS Scooty Teen Diva 2009. Why is this fact relevant? I had watched every episode of the TVS Scooty Teen Diva and remember Rhea quite well. It felt awesome to watch her in the movie. The flick is funny… with liberal doses of Punjabi making it very enjoyable. Do watch this movie. It is very, very funny with a strong cast (people who can act and do not ham).

– Jolly LLB:
  Another good flick. The story is no great shakes but it is a great example of how a mediocre story can become a good film with a good cast. Arshad Warsi, Boman Irani and Saurabh Shukhla make this movie very watchable. Not to be missed in the theater.

– Django Unchained:
  I was supposed to watch this movie with my bro last weekend but he ditched. I went ahead anyway (I have no issues with eating/watching movies alone). The only Tarantino movie which left me disappointed. The first part was awesome but 2nd half of the movie is like any Bollywood love story. Boy loves girl.. they get married… they are separated… friend decides to help unite them… friend gets killed… boy takes revenge… rescues girl and they both live happily ever after. To this drama… add some slavery issues. Hollywood meets Bollywood.

– Paranormal Activity 4:
  I have watched all the previous parts and watched the 4th one when both KC and my bro were home… the more the merrier. A major disappointment… the worst of all parts (not that 2nd and 3rd parts were too great)…. not scary at all… the scares were expected and seen earlier. The beauty of part 1 was that it was something that could happen to anyone. Sure, there was a back story mentioned. But, imagine this… you and your bf/hubby move to a new house or even in the same house… weird things start happening. They are very subtle and would not be noticeable without the video cameras.. there is no way out… and one ends up killing the other. The end. Scary. In the sequels, you realize that there is a strong back story and the fear that it could happen to you is gone.

– Salaam Bombay:
  I had seen this long back… decided to catch it in the theater (lack of other options and I like art movies). Love this flick. KC was not too impressed since the movie only shows the reality. It does not answer any questions and there is no happy ending. I like that movies are getting re-released and we get to watch it in multiplexes. I would watch the good, old movies over the newer ones any day. Looking forward to Chashme Badoor.

– Saheb, Biwi aur Gangster returns:
  A movie which stars Jimmy Shergil, Irrfan Khan, Mahie Gill, Soha Ali Khan… with such a strong cast it is difficult not to enjoy the movie. The script is also ok… it is actually better than part 1. I liked it. Hilarious too. Worth a watch. Why don’t we see Jimmy in more movies?

– Midnight’s Children:
  The review said “this is a book which should not have been made into a movie”. And I wondered if there is any book which cannot be made into a movie. The review was right. I can confirm this because I am reading the book currently. The charm of the book is not in the story … it is in the way it is written… it is about the words… sentences… I don’t think the story is very good or different or the attraction of the book. Avoid… at all costs.

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