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I am starting a new thing on the blog where I talk about the news. This is for 2 reasons:

  • My life is not interesting enough to fill up this blog even once every week so you may call these posts “fillers”
  • I talk about what affects me in the news on instagram, Facebook and twitter. Why not on this blog?

Jasleen Kaur case:

A lot has been said and written on this. As things stand right now, everyone has sided with Sarabjeet and are abusing Jasleen on social media. I have read her facebook post (but didn’t share it because I didn’t see the point), read Sarabjeet’s post and watched the witness’s account. Since my intelligence levels are slightly low, am still scratching my head over this. Some questions still puzzle me:

  • Jasleen Kaur’s initial post mentioned that Sarabjeet abused her and was cocky about her threat of filing a FIR. She did not mention sexual harassment or molestation or anything. In fact, it barely mentioned what he did. People went and shared the post thousands of times. In fact, it was shared on my wall by atleast 4-5 people. Umm… Is it Jasleen’s fault or the people who made a mountain of a mole hill?
  • Tables turned when Sarabjeet responded to Jasleen’s post. After all, why would he respond if he was wrong? He HAS to be the victim else he wouldn’t have spoken up. He admitted that there was an altercation but he didn’t abuse Jasleen. I mean, he would have admitted if he had…. right? Which Delhite abuses? Are you out of your mind? Delhi is a city/state/metro where people are calm and do not abuse… ever.
  • The eye witness sided with Sarabjeet and mentioned that Jasleen made a mountain out of a mole hill. And since there were CCTV cameras at the signal, we know for sure this guy was present during the time of the incident. This guy was not trying to get 15 minutes of fame. *sarcasm*
  • There will never be proof of sexual harassment…. ever. It is generally her word against his. And in real life, nobody comes to the rescue. We all know that. That is a fact. It is Jasleen’s word Vs Sarabjeet’s word and we are all taking sides without any proof.
  • Is Jasleen mad that she will un-necessarily take panga with a Delhi guy and then file a FIR against him? 99% of delhi women avoid altercations in the city because they know what men are capable of. Unlike women in mumbai, Delhi girls don’t even admonish men travelling in the women’s compartments in the metro. All of us have threatened to go to the cops or call the consumer court atlas once. Nobody ever does it because it is a bother. It takes effort to file a FIR. Didn’t she know police would investigate the matter?
  • Some people have called it a conspiracy theory and politics. Someone said it is AAP vs BJP. Someone else said it is AAP vs AAP.

In short, we don’t know who is right and who is wrong and at this stage, it could be anyone. This is a lesson for us all- we have the power to make or break reputations so let us use it wisely. Let us bother to read properly and question something before sharing. Also, maybe we should wait a while before sharing it. Give time for the facts to be out. Either Jasleen or Sarabjeet is a very smart person and one of them knows how to manipulate social media.

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