Filler 2- Sheena Bora murder

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I have been meaning to write this for a while now. I don’t watch TV but I did turn on Times Now when Peter Mukerjea was interviewed by Arnab and then random panelists made random observations about the case. I think by the end of it, Arnab Goswami knew exactly what happened, why it happened and how. Twitter is full of inappropriate jokes that sicken me. Twitter is where I get to see the “real” society. Behind the mask of anonymity, people are honest with their opinions. I follow all kinds of people so I know which part of society is thinking what.


  • It is not relevant how many husbands/boyfriends/live in partners Indrani has. I don’t understand all the jokes on her marriages. Getting married thrice is really not a big deal. It is not. I guess, most men are jealous because the only way they managed to get one girl to sleep with them is through arranged marriage. While the women are just jealous. Here is a woman who lived life on her own terms
  • The rumours about Indrani getting raped by her step father and Sheena being a result of that is not funny. I told one person on twitter who was retweeting these rubbish news “Indrani has denied this speculation”. His reply? “Obviously, she denied it”. So, Indrani denied it… her step father has not been interviewed, Sheena’s DNA is not available- how did the news agency find out all this? Let me guess- Sheena’s ghost gave them the “exclusive” interview.
  • Peter Mukerjea is a very smart man. He could either look guilty or look dumb in the case. He has chosen the latter because being stupid is not a crime. Sheena told him that Indrani was her mother and he brushed it aside. Really? Such blind trust in his wife? So much love? Bullshit. He is hiding something. We may never find out, what, though. And it may not even be relevant to the case.
  • Siddhartha Das has declared that he is the father of Sheena. I don’t know how that detail is relevant. What does her parentage have to do with the fact that she was murdered? Why is he even getting interviewed?
  • It is amazing how everyone is digging through Indrani’s life but nobody knows about Sanjay Khanna. No shock, outrage and personal details getting leaked out there. Sexist, much?
  • All the evidence against Indrani and Sanjay is circumstantial. And their confession will not stand in court. Which means- both of them could go scot free. But who cares about facts, right? I wish the police would focus on finding facts instead of leaking unnecessary and unimportant details.
  • What a terrible life Sheena must have had- a mother who killed her and a father who didn’t even bother to keep in touch or admit to the world she is his daughter.

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