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I am very confused about festivals… why they are celebrated… what is the purpose?

Don’t give me religious reasons… we don’t even remember them.
As a kid I loved most festivals… holi, diwali, rakshabandhan… my parents ensured each one was celebrated the way it was meant to be. Now that I am an adult they seem like a waste of money. Thousands of rupees blown off on fire crackers??? Is that enjoyment? What is left ultimately? Bits of paper littered around?
Or take Holi… infecting your skin and hair to dangerous chemicals? In my building Holi was celebrated with rain dance… showers were installed in the parking… water tankers were called… and people colored and danced under the showers with music in the background. Sounds fun? Despite daily reports of water shortage in the city?
Like KC said… the rich can afford it.

7 thoughts on “Festivals

  1. A lot of our activities are entirely wasteful (fulfilling wants not needs). Coffee, smoke, advanced GPRS, IPL, toffees, make-up… Great as long as employment and GDP keep rising! BTW, all festivals give us an opportunity to meaningfully engage with strangers (except rakshabandhan ofcourse 😉

  2. Agree wid HH above! Having furniture…having microwaves etc etc…even mobiles is a wasteful activity..for that matter even travelling anad holidaying too…imagine the amount of trees cut, pollution created and all…!!! the list can go on…but I need to stop here…i think i made the point…
    However if all this makes people happy…its gud!

  3. @ Howard: Meaningful interaction??? Really? But yeah… a lot of things in life are wasteful

    @ RT: Point taken

    @ Surbhi: Thanks… 🙂

  4. The point is to take time out from all the dull practicalities and seriousness in life to have some fun. The festivals served that purpose in the old days, now we gotta find our own fun celebrations. Bright lights/colors cheer up the soul so mayb just lighting up the candles and wearing bright clothes if not the firecrackers/chemicals once a year is not so bad and not so wasteful.

  5. Hmm.. sounds good… but yet festivals don’t evoke those feelings anymore… maybe ‘coz they are linked to religion or maybe ‘coz we prefer celebrating valentine’s day/friendship day/anniversary/birthdays for celebrations… or maybe ‘coz festivals don’t feel the same in nuclear families

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