Feeling and looking colorful

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Sigh!!! I have scrubbed and scrubbed till I drew blood but the color refuses to go away. Mama had brought non-toxic colors which would come off easily… but the others were not so thoughtful.

I woke up at 9 am (slept for 10-11 hrs straight)… parents and bro had reached at 6 am. After a b’fast of fafdas (Gujju snack), jalebis, pakodas etc which I mostly avoided… we got ready with the colors and stuff… there were 20-25 of us (relatives) and we attacked… once everyone looked colorful and unrecognizable we looked for new targets who were hiding in their homes. As soon as a new victim came out all of us went after him/her. Nobody was spared and everytime someone went to wash up we attacked them again. My masi got bugged with my constant shouting.. “Attack!!! Masi washed her face again”.

The came the Grand Finale… we caught my Bro and tore his shirt… Mom tried to rescue him but to no avail. One by one the tee shirts of the other kids were torn… When my Bro was young my Masi would tear the pockets of his shirts… she found it quite funny. When she had kids we tore the pockets of their shirts. I guess we have a weird fetish with tearing clothes. It is also a tradition in the wedding… where the groom’s clothes are torn.

After a yummy lunch of fish and rice I dozed off into sweet dreams. Now I am bored… the kids are busy studying for exams… everyone else is sleeping… I don’t want to read ‘coz I have to save the book for my journey tomorrow.

I don’t remember the last time I did nothing all day.

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  1. Good for you 🙂 Atleast you had company… and you dont have to work UK / US time. Sometimes I wish whole world had same time.

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