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One of my fb friends put up this status few days back. Very cruel, but true:

“So this is why I find FAT people funny … they are always the one ordering ridiculous things in restaurants :
I enter subway – Order 6 inch Italian BMT – No cheese, no mayo based sauces, no coke ( diet or otherwise), only one line of barbeque and sweet onion sauce. And I have a metabolism of a teenager but I respect my body. Input = output.

Now this fat fuck..really fat fuck..16 yr old girl walks in..she is like a mini ambani son…She wants the unhealthiest bread choice, extra cheeses, extra mayo , tons of southwest, mint mayo, and then cheese sauce. She wanted more and the guy is like the sauces r already dripping out. She says fine ( sad face) and order s coke ( Not even diet) … IDIOT…”

I agree with him. We (fat people) are overweight ‘coz of our choices. It is not a coincidence. The guy who has written this has a 6 pack… not ‘coz he goes to the gym… ‘coz he takes care of himself… is into running (has run a marathon in Ladakh), swimming, cycling, push ups etc. I admire his determination and how he has taken care of himself. Hats off to him. He is my inspiration.

PS: I am writing this while drinking Pepsi… but my last time… I promise.

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  1. Very well said, we (fat people) are fat by the choices we make. But then there is always a mind blockade against going healthy.

    Don’t know the reason behind it but may be it’s taste greediness or something else ? May be we need to be greedy for health !

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