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I have been working for 12 hours straight and am exhausted. I had an interesting day… lot of learning. It is not everyday that I meet practical people who can think on the ground… I hate vague gassy people… they don’t add any value… not to their jobs… not their colleagues… not their sub-ordinates. Thankfully, there are enough practical people to counter-act the gassy ones. They keep the wheels oiled and in motion even when the gas tries to spread rust.

One reason I moved from corporate office to branch office is to get a local ground perspective… there will be enough opportunities for the national perspective.

In the corporate world, you have to learn from people and look at them beyond their faults… one way of doing that is interacting professionally and not personally… avoid socializing…

It is amazing how smaller, local companies can get things right. All the MNCs are struggling while a local company in Gujarat has got it right. MNCs have the best brains… high salaries… exhaustive tools… while a local company has local people. Like I was telling Boss; “These buggers of a local company have got it right while we are still struggling… hats off to them”. We are so focussed on the over-all picture we forget to think small.

Look at where the retail chains are today… once upon a time the smaller shops were freaking out ‘coz of Modern Trade… the retail chains- Subhiksha, Big Bazar, Spencers are still struggling. The smaller retailers had the last laugh. How the fuck did they expect to succeed with screwed up supply chains, impersonal staff, cash payment?

Think local… thats the message for today.

Enough of gyaan… had plans of going to Chaos but no chance now… I’d rather spend Sunday in Mumbai than in A’bad.

Yawn!!! Good night… have month end closing tomorrow and day after… bahut tension hai re!!!

4 thoughts on “Exhausted!!!

  1. Rightly said : ” Think Globally , Act Locally ” .. Always, always helps ..

    Btw, Aaaj ka gyaan : ” Tension lene ka nahin re, dene ka ..” Bollywood dialogue also helps sometimes ..

  2. hey..it looks like two ideas mixed up in a single post….
    also u dint tell what the local got rigght that ABC dint…. u r a mktg person still not a consultant that u will charge for delivering that gyan…

  3. Ok… ok. Local company has a better distribution and higher market share in Gujarat… thats what they got right and we are still struggling…

    I always get 2 or more ideas mixed up even in daily life (Gemini quality)… what to do…

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