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It has been a long, long, long week and will end on the most hectic note.

I am travelling to reach Ahmedabad after 10 hours of work. Draining work. Negotiations with a distributor. Appraisals which include carrot for one person and a stick for another. Followed by an intense, emotionally draining conversation with a distributor who compared our partnership with his love marriage. It was a breakup conversation I have never had.

The hardest part is never being able to bunk. Nobody told me this is what the job entails. I can never leave work early. My phone can never be switched off except on Sundays. Muting WhatsApp is the only way to stay off work after official working hours. From being responsible for a few people who rarely travelled, am now accountable for 45 people who are always on the move. Am either talking to them or talking about them.

Appraisals are my least favourite activity. Getting feedback feels like fun compared to giving feedback to 5 managers and sitting through feedback sessions of 40 people. My mind can’t wander for a minute. I have to be attentive and evaluate every person basis my limited interaction with them.

And am not even thinking about my appraisal at this stage which won’t be easy for my reporting manager.

All I want to do is sleep for a whole day but no chance of that happening any time soon. I don’t have one day to rest and relax.

Atleast I have clean underwear because I got laundry done at the hotel. That is the only silver lining on my mind right now.

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