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I am so exhausted today. I ran 10 km at Pinkathon in the morning. 10 km is not the big deal… I can get off my couch anytime and run 10 km, weather permitting of course. The problem with participating in runs is driving to a location far from home.. waiting… finishing the run.. and then driving back. I woke up at 4 am today and reached home around 10 am. The run was only 1 hour 20 mins out of the 6 hours.

Running needs motivation everyday. It can get boring if you run on the same route everyday. For me the motivation is discovering new routes. Like last Sunday, I woke up thinking “Great. I need to run to Galleria like I have done so many times” and then I saw volunteers from Run With Me Foundation which works with people in the field of running. They had organized a 10 km run on the Faridabad toll road. I joined in since running in Haryana and so close to Faridabad can be creepy. It was slightly creepy but I managed to have fun. In the last few months I have stopped putting pressure on myself on run times. I had started panicking whenever the pace went above 8 min/km. I decided to turn off the notifications and check in every few km how am doing. The objective is to enjoy the run and not obsess about timing. That is not the point. Running a half marathon is a by product of enjoying running and not the objective. If I make half marathon my objective, how will I continue running after I am done with it?

I am loving Fitness First. Their group classes are so awesome I have to try not to attend 2-3 classes in a day. I have become a regular at yoga and realized how much my flexibility sucks. It has improved over the years due to Jazz classes but still sucks.

In other news, you should check out Citibank restaurant week where you can get a 3 course meal for 1 at a 5 star at 1000 bucks. How cool is that!!! I have booked a table at House of Ming, Taj and Dakshin, Sheraton for next weekend. Really looking forward to it. I hate spending money in 5 star hotels. Everytime KC suggests we go for a meal in a 5 star on a regular weekend I refuse. Why upgrade your lifestyle, right? It isn’t like we will give up something else to spend more money on food. Plus, it sucks if the food is not upto the mark. I mean, if you are spending 4-5k on a meal it better be out of this world. So, am glad with this initiative.

Ciao people… am really, really tired.

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