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Hey, there is a lot I have wanted to talk about… movies, restaurant, food, books, dance…. this post will cover everything I have been upto.

  • Movie: We watched ‘I am Kalam’ last weekend. Loved the movie… don’t know why we didn’t watch it in the theatre. Worth a watch.
  • Restaurants: I went to Mamgotto in Select City Walk Mall last week with colleagues. It serves Asian food and has some very innovative dishes. We ordered Thai Basil Chicken rice, Veg pan fried noodles and Cantonese chicken noodles. The food was so amazing that I have been looking for another opportunity to visit the same. Maybe this week. The next day, after working in the market at Green Park we headed to Hauz Khas village for lunch. Hauz Khas is a different place. You have to park your car outside the gate and walk down lanes… so many lanes, you can easily get lost. It is full of artists, designers etc. We didn’t explore and headed towards Gunpowder. It is a South Indian restaurant on the 4th floor (stairs, no lift) of a building. It overlooks some ruins and a lake. Beautiful view. Sitting there on a summer evening will be amazing. On a weekday, the tables near the balcony were reserved. We had to sit inside. The food is yummy… we ordered a pork dish, rice, spinach daal, dry chicken and parotha. The pork was too good. I am going to take KC there this month.
  • Food: KC has been travelling every week to different parts of the country. It gives me a lot of free time… once I am home at 7 or 8 pm, I have little or nothing to do till bedtime (11 pm). I have spent the time baking… Chocolate chip cookies- the recipe was taken from here (Kalyan’s blog). The only problem was that I do not have the mould and when placed on a tray, the batter melted in the oven. What I got was a flat base of cookies. I had to cut them into uneven pieces. It did not look too good, so no pics. But they did taste good. For once, KC and I polished them off in a week. I tried baking mini fruit and nut loaves. Recipe taken from here (Anita’s blog). I went on an elaborate shopping trip for the fruit and nuts- cranberries, raisins, blueberries etc etc. The first time, the loaf was uncooked at the bottom. Same thing happened the 2nd time. The 3rd time, I baked it in large size muffin moulds instead of big cake pan (like I was doing earlier). The loaf turned out to be decent… but not as good as Anita’s pics were. I guess, I should have used smaller muffin moulds.
  • Books: I finished reading another part of True Blood series and have picked up Delirious Delhi. It is a book written by an expat on his experience during the 18 month stay in Delhi. Very funny. It is an eye opener… the efforts expats make to understand the culture and fit in.
  • Dance: Today was my first day in the class in the basic elementary. Till now my biggest problem was getting a full split. Not anymore… now, I have to worry about other exercises which are extremely difficult. The class was from 4.45-6.45 pm. Till 6 pm, we were doing exercises. I need to go to the gym from tomorrow to become more flexible. Practicing only on Sundays will not help too much. I had become completely comfortable with my current instructors… batch mates… dance routines. I could let go. I listen to the songs played in class all the time. I used to practice with my batch mates before class everytime. Now, everything is new. The new instructor has his own style… his kind of music is different… his steps are more hip hop. It will take me atleast 3 months to get comfortable. But thats ok. It is a new challenge.


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  1. I joined plenty of dance classes in my 5 years of stay in Noida. I learnt plenty, made many friends and enjoyed a lot. But one thing always maintained was, I always let others underestimate me and that time I took to learn and understand. Then after the stipulated time, I loved to surprise everybody. In 3 months time, you will fly and dance and enjoy your time in your dance class.

  2. @ Maverick: Thanks

    @ Anita: Wow… you learned dance for 5 years??? You must be an expert by now. Thanks. I hope to enjoy it once my body stops aching so much.

    @ RT: Puhlease… I still think talent has an upper hand and you have it. I will have to work doubly hard to be able to teach you.

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