Everything I learned about tigers

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Every male tiger has a territory and he mates with the female tigers in his territory to produce cubs. If another male enters, they need to fight and the winner stays in the area while the loser has to leave. If the winner is a new tiger, he will kill all the cubs of the old tiger else the female will not mate with him.
A cub becomes fully grown after 2.5 years and leaves his parents. When he comes back, he has to fight his parents to gain control over his territory. Animals don’t recognise relationships once they grow up.
All animals in the forest – deer, birds, monkeys will let out a warning call when a tiger is around so the prey has time to hide or run. This makes it very difficult for a tiger to catch his prey. Is he/she really the King of the jungle?
When a tiger cleans it’s paws by licking them, it means it is going to get up and walk around.

A tiger’s kill lasts him/her 2-3 days depending on the size of the kill. It can go without food for another 2-3 days. A tiger needs to kill once a week.

Tigers are very lazy. They won’t get up for 3-4 hrs once they are comfortable.

They prefer to stay away from humans and are actually very shy.

How does a tiger become a man eater? Humans encroach into their territory, most times Tigers will ignore them but when it feels threatened it may attack and end up killing the human. Few days later when it can’t get a kill, it may eat the human and realise that humans are edible.

One may think that the orange of their bodies would make them easier to spot but it is the opposite. It is the white which is easier to spot and gives them away. Their stripes camouflage them well in the jungle.

Spotting a tiger takes skill and experience. The guide and driver follow the pug marks, try to figure out where the tiger may have gone, listen to the animals’ and birds’ warning calls and then follow those. Then, there is a lot of waiting silently for the tiger to show itself.

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