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I wanted to pick up this book for ages. There is also a movie based on it but I cannot find the CD or torrent.

The book is about a young man who gets into IAS. The prestigious position in India… the book is about Agastya’s one training during IAS. The profession is not what it is made out to be.
Agastya is from Kolkatta and Delhi… a youngster who loves his booze and drugs. He is sent to a small town- Madna where he spends most of the days boozing, masturbating and doping. There is a time when he thinks of quitting and going home but his father urges him to stay on.
In the end he stays on… and despite best intentions does learn a few lessons… but gives up.
It is a depressing book… and removes the lustre from IAS profession.
Worth a read.

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  1. The movie English August based on this book is a bit on the lighter side.

    August’s boss (I guess the Collector) has this habit of saying that he should not spend more than 2 minutes on any file (work item). And continuously throws files on the floor after he has had a look at it.

    Collector calls August to his home for dinner. His wife asks August what does he do in the spare time. August answers in his mind that in his spare time he would like to take a look at her wild side (camera moves over her chest briefly)

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