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RT reminded me that I have not posted in a long time. Sorry people… have been a little busy and distracted.

Loads has happened… Congress has won… It is a good sign. Don’t expect an in-depth analysis from someone who didn’t bother to vote (Me). To give a superficial view… I think the junta prefers Congress over BJP ‘coz

  • Everyone is happy with the status quo… nobody is ready for a change right now
  • Congress has younger leaders than BJP… I can’t imagine calling L.K Advani the PM
  • Nobody wants riots or anti-Muslim Raaj

I am not too happy with BJP in Gujarat… was hoping for a change… a lot of people who wanted to vote for Mallika Sarabhai didn’t ‘coz they realized the vote wouldn’t help the center… so they voted for BJP or Congress.

On election day I had a discussion/argument/debate with Archu and Niran on Facebook.
Before I post the conversation let me introduce the people:
Archu was my classmate in school till 10th. I have not met or spoken to her since but she is on my friends’ list on Facebook.
Niran is from my engg college. He was an IIM aspirant. I don’t know what he is upto now.

My status msg was “Yoohoo!!! Congress wins but BJP in Guj??? Sigh”

Archu: Tell me smethin will guj ever learn..wat do they see in tht f***** modi?? I hate him yaa
Me: Don’t know re… People here are quite happy with Modi… there are good roads, electricity, it is safe for women… People I know voted for Congress… but…
Archu: Thts the point thre is a but..yes he’s dne good things but he’s a communal bastard..after 01 he still won the elections then in spite of the riots..m I missin smethin hre
Me: I guess Hindu Gujjus are anti Muslims… and Muslims are a minority here
Archu: Ppl gotta learn yaa..is religion so damn imprtant tht it makes u lose the power to think..
Me: Politics is all about power and divide and rule works in India..
Niran: happy that we have a govt for 5 yrs… however i dont understand the criticism against modi … apart from the blot of riots in ’02 he has been one of the best administrators we have seen.
Me: Huh??? I think the riots are reason enough to throw out any politician…
@ Archu: This is the reason why Modi is in govt… ‘coz of people like Niranjan
Niran: for a state that is known for its industrial growth how do we explain this…

Archu: Bulbul u r rt its nt goin to chnge..ppl frget riots n tlk abt industrial growth which is all due to the support of nri gujaratis…
Me: Exactly… people dying in India is so common these days..
Archu: Its like a thousand mre dead so wat?? We r stil in power n thres industrial growth..thts wat we need
Me: So true…
Niran: girls …. the riots were really nightmarish … i and maybe even you were there when it happened … what i am suggesting here is that it was caused by a different set of people … and more so arent we all ashamed of something in our past.
Archu: The different set off ppl was actually the narendra modi n his set of goons n yes ther r a lot of things I m ashamed of but I dnt think communal riots is one of them
Me: I agree with Archu.
Niran: you gals are intractable … gujarat has clocked an agricultural growth thrice the national average over the past 7-8 yrs … imagine in a drought prone area like gujarat …. do you think it could have been achieved without serious political will.
Me: You are so right…. so what if people were murdered??? Growth is all that we need.
Niran: ok … what do you think is more easy …. people killing each other in the heat of the moment …. they are drunk with rage … they hardly realise what they do … and ….. sustaining development … providing drinking water to all … providing irrigation … providing employment … running a non corrupt govt..
Me: Niran, don’t talk crap… innocent lives are worth nothing for you? You should have been murdered in the riots… we would have compared Gujarat’s growth over your dead body then.
Archu: Lolzz tht wud ve bn good for gujarat
Niran: lets have no bad blood …. just bringing in a point of view and saying nothing is black or white …
Me: Niran… the riots were not created by drunk people in the heat of the moment… they were well planned and executed… how else is it possible to find out the the Muslim shops in the city and burn them???
Archu: U r rt bulbul in fact ppl killed for money sme fr so less as thousand bucks..to think tht innocent ppls lives is worth so less

And I wondered… have we become so ambitious that we will forgive riots for the sake of growth? Is this the view of the youth??? It is a scary thought. Life is worth so little these days.

4 thoughts on “Election day

  1. hey Bul nice post…but i think u need to revisit the facts….it was a Blood Bath in Guj…but there was damage on both side it was not like a genocide…..1984 was more of a Genocide where 5000 Sikhs were Butchered and all Rajiv Gandhi had toi say is “When a big tree falls, the earth beneath it is bound to shake” something like that…..

    I understand some ppl are not happy with Modi about the Godhra incident…but give him a break….he is not proven Guilty ….all i am saying is that he is proven for being an amazing administrator who has given Gujarat an unprecedented industrial and agricultural growth…its one of the best places for an industry to go…that means more jobs and less poverty…

    please understand that when poverty is gone there are less people to engage int he mindless rioting cause they are busy working to earn a living and not job less….in a way he is eradicating the root cause for any riot…..


  2. Are you crazy???? You think riots happen when people are poor??? I have filthy rich and educated Hindus have prejudices against other religions. I was in Gujarat when the riots happened… they were well planned and executed. Obviously, there is no proof that Modi is guilty… the fact that cops were involved in it is no proof at all.
    You are saying what Niran said… as long as growth happens riots will be forgiven.
    I am scared of living in a world where people have these priorities.
    Tomorrow you will say there is no proof against Kasab… let him free.

  3. You are right about the prejudicce…but some one having a prejudice need not be a rioter….in your post you said that people killed for money as low as one grand…think… why?? cause there is poverty. If that is taken care of they would not have to be violent for money cause they already have it…

    dont bring in the Kasab angle…he was caught red handed also he has confessed….if he would be picked up from his house then I would surely give him the benefit of the doubt…..

    now geting back to the issue…why is it that no one looks at Rajiv gandhi the same way we are loking at Modi…read my earlier post….he went on record and said what he said…..We all have a right to be angry on Modi but NOTHING IS PROVEN…..

    More over congress has been hilighting the issue of his entry Ban in the USA…its a national shame that a CM of our country is not being extended the diplomatic rights he is entitles for….as the party in power they should have protested instead of playing petty internal politics….

    “the fact that cops were involved in it is no proof at all” exactly….what the police officials ave done was not the reflection of the complete force but of some Individual people who failed to understand their job in Uniform……you can blame Modi for the act of an Individual….

    I am totally against what happened at Godhra….but in my view let us let the Courts do their job and not jump into conclusions….

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