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Should I start by calling Modi a fucktard for announcing a lockdown overnight instead of giving people a few days to plan and prepare? A lockdown without any concrete steps to combat the virus. He may have finally realized what dumbasses his vote bank is filled with and Corona Garba is how 50% of them are in danger of getting infected.

Anyway, we have 21 days locked in our houses with limited supply of food and lots of time. Sure, there are organizations who make their employees waste their time on building best case and worst case scenarios in a situation where we could all die. Bury me in a grave of non essential FMCG products. To a life dedicated to stuff nobody would miss if it was wiped off this planet.

The announcement was a kick on my backside. 21 days is a lot of time and what I do with it defines who I am.

Am I going to be someone who will survive on Maggi and gain 5 kgs at the end of it or am I someone who will use this time to find ways to workout at home and cook healthy meals?

Am I someone who will waste time posting shitty IG challenges or am I someone who will post her pup’s cute pics?

Am I someone who will work long hours at zero productivity for show or am I someone who understands people have housework chores to manage in addition to work and a bored family to entertain?

Am I someone who will maintain routine around the pup so there is no separation anxiety when I go back to work or am I someone who will spend more time with the pup because this time will never be back again?

(Ok, this is a tough one and am hoping Shirin Merchant’s webinar this Sunday will clarify).

Am I someone who makes terrible rotis or am I someone who will practice hard for small, thin and light rotis?

You get the gist.

Honestly, if people can’t survive a few weeks without househelp or a cook, they are leading a highly privileged life and this could be a wakeup call. It reminds of the series Schitt’s Creek. Sure, we are all privileged and will get paid by our employers and manage fine. But am glad Mom made sure we knew how to cook and clean. If only she had put in that effort for my brother as well.

A newbie in the kitchen or cooking for just one? Here are some tips:

  • Chop veggies for a week and store for a week

  • Every recipe needs onions and tomatoes. Chop those in bulk and store. A chopper does the task in a jiffy.

  • Cook extra at every meal and store leftovers for next meal. There is no shame in eating leftovers for 2-3 days. Better than cooking Maggi.

  • Eggs are your best friend. Fry them. Scramble them. French toast them. Omelette with veggies. Shakshouka is simpler than it sounds. Frittata is awesome. Bhurji is everyone’s favourite. Egg biryani for rice lovers.

  • Boil rice and store. Ditto for daal.

  • Be active for 30 mins everyday. It is important for physical and mental health.

Avoid Whatsapp news. Revel in the loneliness. Spend time with yourself instead of connecting with random people and posting on social media.

Read a book. Kindle app is accessible and ebooks can be purchased online.

Netflix and chill alone.

If you are quarantined with someone, this period could potentially break the relationship.

Are they taking on equal burden of the housework or do you end up doing everything?

Are they criticizing your cooking or appreciating salty bhindi sabji and will eat it without a fuss when you throw a tantrum at your terrible cooking?

See you at the other end after 21 days.

Am I going to be proud of how I use my time or am I going to be ashamed of the kind of human I turned out to be?

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