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As I wait for my flight boarding to start at the airport, am just going to write a quick post. The morning began with the Go Air staff changing my seat twice because I was shocked when he said “Subah subah, hum kisiko naaraz nahi karte”.

“What’s the catch?”, I wondered. I was taken aback and mumbled ‘aisle’ seat instead of window and then requested him to change it again. I can’t believe a budget carrier staff person was actually nice for no reason. That doesn’t really happen. Maybe the flight is really late or maybe am just a cynical bitch. Right now, there is an equal chance of both.

My female colleague has started taunting me with ‘You, obviously, won’t be joining us after work’. I don’t know how to explain to someone without pissing them off that I don’t find them interesting enough to spend any more time in their company than I absolutely have to. And it’s Mumbai, there are soooooo many people I can catch up with. In fact, if I could I would spend all night meeting people. Since I have a different equation with everyone and prefer one on one interaction, it would involve allotting 1 hour per person and then travelling from one end of the town to the next for a tête a tête.

Umm, ok. I realised I wouldn’t make so much effort.

The weird part is that only the female colleague seems to have an issue with my absence. The rest of the (male) colleagues are indifferent.

Am I being sexist?

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