Dum Maaro Dum- garama garam review

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Starved of movies KC and I headed for this one despite reading some not so great reviews.

The 1st half is good… the introduction is unique. It reminded me of Dev D… the camera movements… capturing the drugs and liquor. So not original.
The 1st half is about introduction of all characters- Abhishek, Bipasha, Prateik, Rana and Aditya Panscholi. It is quite bearable… background score is good. Some songs- those lip synched by Rana are good… rest are avoidable.
Abhishek is so linear in his acting… same role… same expressions… same double chin. Do we pay 250 bucks per ticket to see an actor not concerned with his physique? His done to death inspector character is not amusing anymore. Just ‘coz it worked in Dhoom does not mean it will work everywhere. He gets very irritating by the end of the movie.
Rana is good.. very good.
Prateik is whiny… he reminds me of the role in Jaane tu ya jaane na.
Bipasha is shown to be plain dumb in the movie. I wanted to tear my hair out.
It is a usual story… cop chasing the goon. It is set in Goa which makes it slightly interesting… the styling and cinematography is good. But without a good story, nothing can salvage the movie.
I really wanted to walk out at the end of it… everyone dies in the end and I didn’t really care if the goons were caught or not.
Thank god, we watched on a Friday and not Sunday… it would have been a waste of 3 hours out of 14 hours available (ten hours spent sleeping).
Btw… I bought a delicious orange coloured lipstick from Mac. It looks orangish red when applied.

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