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I just returned from Manhattan… Check previous post on what its about. Thats not the unique thing… Whats unique is that I went to a pub alone… In Gurgaon.
Disclaimer – I am as high as I can get with 3 cosmopolitans. Hell, I get high with 1 breezer so 3 cosmos equals hangover at the gym tomorrow morning.
Anyway, I could not find company for Manhattan… KC is travelling… Another friend had to go to the gym (not kidding… I have friends who prefer a gym to a pub)… And I dont have any other friends in Gurgaon. But, Kanan Gill was performing at Manhattan (dont know KG? Shoo off from this blog or lookup youtube). He is a world famous stand up comedian from Bangalore and I did not want to miss. Specially after missing Abish Mathew last Thursday.
I decided to go alone… A first for me. I am no stranger to eating alone… Or watching movies in a theatre alone… Or going to a play alone. They are a part of life when you have spent most of your career in sales and spent most of your marriage away from hubby. No big deal. But drinking alone… I have never done that… And in a pub… Never ever… And in Gurgaon???? Unimaginable.
But desperate times call for desperate measures.
So for Kanan… I went… Alone. I was seated next to another lady who was alone. How cool is that? We hit it off instantly. She sings at 5 star hotels and is a regular at Manhattan so the staff knows her well.
The show had 3 comedians – Daniel who was the host – funny and spontaneous… Karunesh who is the lead writer at AIB – he started off slow but was hilarious…. He was completely non political (by which I mean he made fun of people who send you to prison for making fun of them).. And then there was Kanan…. There were 450 people in the pub (the largest crowd Manhattan has ever had)… Most of them college kids, all to see Kanan. But, he wasnt as funny…. But nobody cared… He is so cute that he could have stood there with the mic for 30 mins not saying anything and everyone would still applaud.
Awesome fun.
Its nice to be able to surprise yourself specially when life is all been there done that.
Now the only thing that will surprise me – taking a trip on my own…. In India. Someday…..

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