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Hiya… I thought I would drop in and say “Hi”. I was up and in the gym by 6.30 am against KC’s best intentions. Working on a Sunday morning is preferable ‘coz there are few people around. On weekdays I have to wait my turn at the treadmill. I hop onto the other instruments hoping the treadmill will be empty by the time I am done. But guess what, somebody hops onto it by then… and the wait starts all over again.

I am determined to keep at it this time. I am wearing my tight Reebok top to be able to see the difference work out makes to my body. Sure… the weight scales will tell me the same thing. But seeing is believing. There is no point in losing weight if I (and people around me) cannot see it.
I have also decided to stick to work outs life long. The wonderful part is that I have lost weight despite eating out… which means anything in moderation is fine.
And now we head to Pen… on the outskirts of Panvel to check out a site for investment in a flat. Lets see how it goes… I am going to wear my new green UCB dress I bought yesterday at 40%.
Check out the sales…. they are everywhere and damn good too. Its a good time to shop… even if you are broke.

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  1. @ RT: Lol… take mine. I have 4 cards
    @UjSen: Well… I have joined the slimming programme at VLCC… I need to lose weight to justify the huge amount spent 🙂

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