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Hey… I was feeling too lazy to blog since I was playing Scrabble with KC but now he has gone for din-din.
I remembered what I wanted to talk about.
Last week in my driving classes (I had the last class today) the instructor was being over-protective. He was operating the controls which pissed me off. I scolded him; “If you keep doing that, how will I get the confidence to drive my car?” He didn’t bother me too much after that. At night Rohan called and asked me to pick him up from his house so we could go for a drive. I was quite nervous… this was the first time I was driving alone. I managed fine.
I drove the car to the driving classes alone again today. Yoohoo!!!
Driving involves a lot of concentration specially in Rajkot… people drive anywhere… I mean anywhere… there are no signals… no traffic sense… nothing. It is total chaos. I guess, if I can drive here… I can drive anywhere.
Instead of cursing people left right and centre (like most drivers) I just imagine thought bubbles floating around my head.
For example,
If a man is crossing the road at an extremely slow place… the thought bubble displays whats on his mind; “Hey lady… look at my sexy butt… want a piece of that?”
A cyclist is driving in the middle of the road; it reads; “I am the King… and I will not move no matter how much you honk. Take that!!!”
A man pushing a hand cart and not letting me pass through, it reads; “I am faster than you… you drive at 20km/hr… I push at 30… hehehehehe”

Driving is fun but I don’t get to enjoy the sites around me since my eyes have to be on the road. What a bummer!!!

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  1. lol…
    Do I see the effects of lessons learnt from Year 3: Defense against Dark Driving
    Reference: Boggart ???

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