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Hmm… what do I write about? My day? I traveled to remotest villages today where even buses do not go. One of my sub ordinates got bitten by a snake outside his house. When I heard the news the first thought was; “Did it happen when he was working?” Not ‘coz I care about the work (am not THAT callous) but if it would happened while working some blame would come on the organization (not that I care about the organization) and since I represent the company (for him atleast)… I would feel guilty.

KC had posted a long time back about a man he had met on the train. There was an accident and the train stopped.. someone had committed suicide… all this man was worried about was reaching on time.. he didn’t care about someone’s death. This man reminded me of myself… I would have felt the same way… call me selfish or callous… I call myself practical.

There is nothing on TV also… I am just waiting for Sat.

The other day Khushi and I went shopping for lingrie… the variety bowled us over.
Me: This is all arranged marriage stuff
Khushi: What do you mean?
Me: It is worn to deceive the groom… he gets a reality check after the wedding

With that thought I will bid adieu.

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