Does war have rules?

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On 3rd October, a hospital in Kunduz, Afghanistan was repeatedly hit by bombs. Doctors, staff and patients were killed. According to the Geneva Convention, civilians, hospitals, children, old people, medical staff etc cannot be harmed in a war.

The Geneva Conventions are a series of treaties on the treatment of civilians, prisoners of war (POWs) and soldiers who are otherwise rendered hors de combat, or incapable of fighting

The bombs were dropped by the US government (why am I not surprised) and they called the hospital “collateral damage” and even an “inevitable consequence of war”. President Obama apologised for the “mistake”. MSF is not convinced and has demanded an inquiry into this. MSF had shared the co-ordinates of the hospital and it has been in Kunduz for 4 years old. The hospital was bombed for an hour refuting the “mistake” excuse.

I have been getting updates on this through MSF’s fb page and came across this excellent video on the rules of war.

Check it out here.

It made me think- why can’t we aim for a world without war instead of accepting that war is a reality and hence there need to be rules?

This hospital had people who were hurt… who were harmless… and the medical staff consisted of people who leave their jobs and families to give back to the world in some way.

Most days this world makes no sense. What is evil and what is good? What is the point of it all?

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