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My dad has been my doc for the longest time… till I moved to Manipal. My immunity was quite low as a kid but it became normal once I entered my teens. Our B School had given us insurance in Kasturba Hospital, Manipal. This meant that instead of regular docs the interns attended to us. We had to wait for hours to see a gawky, under confident and sometimes cute doc. Thankfully in Gujarat I never fell ill… my job involved travelling to all sorts of places, eating unhygienic food basis availability and yet there was never a problem.

Mumbai has not been that kind. I have been falling ill almost every month since August. When I had malaria in August the sales targets were not met. Now my illness gives my Boss nightmares.
Anyway, I didn’t know the difference between a good doc and a bad doc until now. The medical field is not just about prescribing same medicines to patients with same symptoms. It is like a salon where the services have to be customised. Unfortunately, a bad doc does not understand that. I cannot take too many pills… they make me puke. I have met 2 bad docs who have prescribed me soooo many medicines for even mild illness. Looking at the list I knew I was never going to take all of them. Then I met this doc who understands what I mean and keeps the list to the bare minimum and has a very kind manner.
Falling ill is a pain and the nights are worse. I was up till midnight yesterday feeling almost fine. As soon as I tried to sleep the puking started. Sigh!!! I hate falling ill on the weekend.

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