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I am back from home. Diwali was spent with family in my hometown. I am so relieved to be back. I am happy to be at work. Either I love my job so much or Diwali was pretty much crap.
I dont remember even 1 happy Diwali at home. The only good ones have been with KC away from either his home or mine.
According to KC, all families fight during this festival since everyone comes together. I am not sure.
Over the years I have realized that when conflicts are not resolved, they blow up at one point or the other. Emotions come spilling out and angry words hang in the air. I dont like resolving conflicts because I believe they cannot be resolved. When 2 people are so far apart there is no middle ground. You can only agree to disagree and stay away from controversial topics. Unfortunately, not everyone thinks that way. Some people want to let it all out.
I went home very excited and have returned with the bitterest taste. I am wondering if it is even worth it. If people/family cannot let go in 5 years, is it worth all the insults, angry words, pain, tears etc. I dont think it is.
When family constantly breaks you from inside, digs out old wounds and is always negative… It is not family.
It is very important to like someone before you love them. Love cannot exist without like. So, when parents say they love their kids but do not like or appreciate/approve of them, I dont believe it. They love because society expects them to. Ever heard of a parent saying he/she hates their kid? It would be a blasphemy. But heard them complain, rant, dislike their kids?
All the time.

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  1. Not sure what happened. Not sure I want to know. But parents don’t have to like their kids to love them – I say this as a new dad. I will love my son no matter what. It is a feeling you cannot fake and it comes from within you. Doesn’t mean I have to like all the decisions he takes in his life once he comes of age.
    Some of them you disagree but will respect nevertheless. Some of them you know will come back to bite them in the future – hence you try your darndest to get them to change their mind. Either path you choose, you do it because you love your kid as a parent and want whats best for them.

  2. It isn’t about decisions or disagreement. You have to LIKE to LOVE. Else the love is just because you are ‘expected’ to… by society… by friends… family.. relatives.
    Maybe you are too new as a dad. Your love for your kid is simple right now but it gets complicated as he/she grows old. Thats when your ‘love’ will get tested.
    Parent child love is like any other. It isn’t any different between a man-woman, friends, siblings etc.

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