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  • It is so bloody freaking hot. My car AC which seems decent enough feels like a fan even on the highest setting. The bedroom AC does not seem to cool enough. I need the fan as well. Whew…
  • Loving the women in shorts. They are everywhere… in the malls, on the streets, in markets. Its like a dress code for summer. Have not seen so many women don shorts at the same time anywhere else. They look good. Safety, be damned. The men are not going to keep the women from having fun and wearing what they want. No wonder, everyone has a car so that they can safely wear shorts
  • There are so many torn, dirty, fake notes floating around. Last month my newspaper wala gave me a fake 100 rupee note which I had to pass along to the grocery store. Thank god it was Rs 100 and not Rs 500/1000. Everyone checks those before accepting. I check every note I get. I do not want to carry around torn notes. Sometimes people try to force me into accepting the torn notes. It happens at the parking of malls but I refuse everytime. Weird part is I have not seen these issues in the West- Mumbai or A’bad for a long time now.
  • Weird things I get to see here-
    •  a man driving his car with the driver’s door open, not open by mistake but completely open
    • a man driving a car with broken bumper which eventually falls down and starts dragging on the road
    • a self important “Baba” who comes to GK1 market to shop with 15 commandos in 3 bullet proof cars. He enters the shop ‘Kunchal’s”, insists that the shopkeeper not allow anyone else to enter/shop while he is there with his entourage of women. The shopkeeper gives in. He spends 2 hours inside while commandos guard the doors and do not let customers enter

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  1. I miss Dilli , the summer, the fashion.. thanks for taking me back there. I used to wear a lot of dresses in summer. I miss that too.

    traffic, driving, drivers in Dilli, lesser said the better.

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