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I hated the beginning of this book… Khushwant Singh warns that this book is not about tips on whoring around in Delhi… Thankfully, it is not.
If you can get past his obsession with a enunch you will love this book. It brings history alive. I am not sure if it is entirely based on reality or has some fiction in it. The reader is taken into the lives of kings- Shah Jahan, Aurangzeb etc, the common man in Mughal times, Mahatma Gandhi, Gandhi’s killer and many more. If you have not been to Delhi you will be able to imagine it clearly.
A fabulous book (Except the whoring with the enunch).

Delhi has a charm of its own…. it is steeped in history… every stone, monument, garden, street has a story to tell. It has its unique culture- flamboyant, filled with sweet talkers, loud. And it stinks ( not smells) of money.
I love Metro in Delhi.. it is better than the subway in USA.. of course, subway is quite old… and has a shady feel. The Metro was started to reduce the traffic on the road. If you are in Delhi but without a car you should kill yourself. Everyone in Delhi has a car… it is a part of the lifestyle. People who generally traveled by buses or 2 wheelers have started using the Metro but not people with cars.
Last year I met this guy for matrimonial purposes. He is from Noida and filthy rich. I hated him even before we met. Anyway during the conversation I told him and his family how Gurgaon will become live-able after Metro begins there.
His Mom: Metro has not changed anything
Me: But it is so convenient to travel in Delhi now
His Mom: Nahi re. It is the same thing… take your car to Metro station, park there, wait for train, travel to destination. Same process is repeated in evening… driving your car is a better option
Of course, this lady has not ventured near a train or bus or auto in her entire life.
Marriage should always be among equals.

Anyways…. the checking at Metro is very strict which prevents security threat and people behave well.. there is no squatting, littering etc.

Good night… and I am back

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