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Dhruv and I got talking… umm… that does not sound right… we “get talking” almost everyday.

Dhruv: Thank god… that didn’t work out… you would have been very frustrated by now
Me: That is true… I wouldn’t have much to write on my CV also
Dhruv: It did work out for the best
Me: Yes… it did

To give the background… few months back I wanted something very much…. it didn’t work out… I was extremely disappointed and negative… Now I am glad ‘coz whatever I wanted is in a dire state now.

There is always a conflict in my mind… am not sure how much of a role destiny plays in our life. Do we end up where we are destined to be? In that case should I even stop trying? Or do we make destiny? In that case why do I feel helpless in most cases?

Sigh!!! What a dilemma!!!

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