Dil se – a story of love, lust, obsession, infatuation

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Let me flip the coin and talk about SRK’s portrayal of a lover obsessed.

The kind of love that knows in that one moment. You see them for the first time and in that one conversation, something fits right. Your whole world falls in place. Every event in your life transpired so you could meet this person. Every next meeting and conversation is just a period of waiting for him to realise the same. Afterwards, you don’t remember what you talked about but you come away feeling warm on a cold winter night. You sleep wrapped in the sound of his voice. A spring in your step. A smile on your lips. Twinkle in your eyes. Everything and everyone is awesome. You have a crush. Are infatuated. In love. And it feels bloody damn good. You steal glances at him, know his schedule, find ways to bump into him everyday. Everytime you close your eyes, you can picture his lips on yours. There is magic, passion, chemistry and complete surrender. This is all you want. Forever.

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