Dhadak vs Sairat

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Sairat is a superhit Marathi movie I watched a few years back with subtitles. The cast is great, the story realistic, the music awesome and the climax suitably shocking. When it was announced that Dhadak is a remake of Sairat, it got the Maharashtrians hopping mad. With good reason. I am surprised they didn’t ban the screening in Maharashtra.

Sairat is the story of a small caste boy who falls in love with a high caste girl in a small town. They elope fearing for their lives and end up in Hyderabad. Reality sets in when they have to struggle for basic needs. But it was too late to turn back. Things improve. Until the horrifying climax. Nothing we haven’t seen already.

Dhadak capitalises on the popularity of Sairat by remaking a remake of any 90s Bollywood movie. Ishan Khattar is amazing. Janhvi Kapoor is very pretty and has potential. My apologies for underestimating her because of nepotism. I guess it does run in the genes. The music is a ditto copy of Sairat. I mean, every damn song? How much did the music director get paid? Did they pay royalties to the Sairat producers and music directors? Very conveniently, the movie glosses over the struggle that a couple who elopes has to face. These guys land up in a new city, get help from a relative’s friend, find jobs, a house and even wine. Wow. I didn’t get even half of that when I “eloped”. With due credit, my life didn’t end the way the movie did. Not that the thought of what could happen didn’t cross my mind. And the news reports of honour killings did seem very real for a few years.

Overall, Dhadak is meh. Not worth spending money and time in a theatre. I wish they had remade it scene by scene instead of making it Bollywoodish. I guess copying is an art too and people can mess this up too.

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