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Amazing… fabulous.. what a movie… Khushi’s colleagues had given her a bad feedback about it but when Dhruv told me it is good… we headed for it at Cinemax. The theatre there is so small I felt I was sitting with everyone in my drawing room (the one in Gurgaon)… the couple next to me had brought a kid along even though this is ‘A’ rated…
The songs are so so so good… I liked them earlier but now I love them… Pardesia is better than emotional atyachar.
The movie is a modern version of Devdas… and about liquor, drugs and sex… Abhay deol is great (as always)… I love all his movies… the actresses are also good.
Anurag Kashyap has created a masterpiece (I have not watched No Smoking… and now I will)… he has shown immense creativity… this one is better than Slumdog Millionaire.
Watch it… but without your family… parents will get a culture shock even though this is based on reality.

Dev is a confused character and such a guy…. the scene where he decides to go to India to get laid after seeing Paro’s naked pics reminds me of a friend… who travelled all night to meet his gf and get laid… when she refused he got pissed and told me; “What does she expect? I didn’t go all the way to TALK to her… we can talk on the phone”. I agreed with him. Once Paro is lost his life loses direction (not that he had any)… and he gets addicted to sex, liqor and drugs. When he runs over 7 people there is nobody to support him… nobody to remove him from the darkness. He does see light at the end…
Paro is quite a character and very real… she is from a conservative background but thinks nothing about mailing naked pics to her bf or sleeping with him… the scene where she plans a tryst in the fields with him is too good… for once in Bollywood the actress has hormones… when Dev rejects her she marries for money. Khushi and me were discussing how many many females marry for money… You want money??? Earn it… don’t marry for it. I am not sure whether she is happy with her hubby or not but she gives up Dev… she could have left him and gone back to Dev but I think she is a practical female… my guy friends think females are more practical in relationships… at 24 and above, they are… they will never marry a loser… someone unsuccessful… someone not as good or better than them… and thats a fact.
Lenny/Chanda… her life takes a tragic turn… one mistake and the wrong person trusted become the headlines… and that too at such a young age. She turns into a hooker… but an educated one. She has what Dev does not… a willpower. Dev makes her realize how shallow her life is.

I don’t think Dev loves Paro… he is obssessed with her… attracted to her… but does he share his ups and downs, feelings with her? Nope… he does that with Lenny. And thats the happy ending… this realization.

Love decieves… it is blind…. it needs to tested… not the other person’s love but your love for him. Most of the time it won’t pass the test.

The population of the world and specially India is booming… I recommend that nobody should have kids anymore… but by mistake if you make a mistake don’t bring the mistake (your kid) to the theatre… and if you do, do not… absolutely do not sit next to me (my pic is on the blog… you will recognize me)… I hate kids… but in the theatre, the hatred increases a hundred fold…

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  1. Even Tarun Adarsh or Rajeev Masand should write review like this…

    Vil surely give a go for this movie, hope my quids give gud value for money.

  2. @Anonymous: Thank you.. thank you… movie is value for money

    @Ritesh: I have heard mixed review about it… my smoker friends loved it.. non-smokers were lost

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