Delirious Delhi

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I just finished reading this book. I picked it up in a book shop ‘coz of the jazzy cover and it is written by an expat. Delhi, through the eyes of a foreigner? It sounded interesting.

The book is about the usual things that attract foreigners… food, monuments, traffic, poverty. Also, the views would fit any other city in India. It is not Delhi specific. This is so ‘coz the writer has been to Delhi only. If he had stayed in other cities and then written about Delhi, the writing would have been more in depth and touched the core of what the city is about.
He naively believes that crime is only in the newspaper and not around him… Also, there was nothing on eve teasing or crimes on women. You cannot write about Delhi and not mention women’s safety, or lack thereof.
The conclusion was the worst… the author believes that Indian city will ultimately become somewhat like New York or London… in terms of infrastructure and development. As an Indian, I cannot imagine a city without traffic, pollution, the great divide between the rich and poor, rickety buses etc. Thats India… and none of us can live without it.
But the book did give me an insight into how a foreigner feels in a foreign land… the fact that Indians are nosy… the weddings are so different from that of Christians… that we have help for everything- maids, cooks, drivers etc… that we don’t mind touching each other.
All in all… not a bad book.

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