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Hahahahahahahahha…. hehehehehehhehe… heeheehee… don’t mind me… I am watching Delhi 6. The end is hilarious… you should watch it… I swear.

No no… Abhishek does not die in the end… how can he? He has a gf… dadi… mother.. father… mohalla walas… and an American accent… atleast a fake one.

I am a little confused… just a little. What is this movie about? Roshan’s (Abhishek) Indian/Delhi experience as a NRI? Is it about the monkey man incident (isn’t it a little late??? The incident happened years ago) Is it a love story? Is it about the caste division in India? I don’t know. I guess I am a little slow. Please don’t mind.

I don’t like Shahrukh but even he acted well in Swades… even Aish did act in Raincoat (anyone heard/seen this movie?)… but Abhishek? He is hopeless.

What the fuck is Amitabh doing in the movie? He probably thought a 2 min apperance might reverse the fate of this flick.

And Sonam??? Did she have a special apperance? Even she cannot act.

Seems like the director was drunk while making this one… and he forgot to cast ‘actors’… everyone is so wooden.

Out of this world.

RIP all the poor souls who watched this one in the theatre. God saved me from their fate.

4 thoughts on “Delhi 6

  1. You talk too much!!!
    You are addicted to voicing your mind. Moreover, your comendable command over word and structure is simply incredible. Unfortuantely though you spare no profanity for imagination.

  2. Toh? What else is this blog for.. other than voicing my opinions? Thanks for the compliment. And I have not even begun to use profanity on this blog… and pray that I resist from doing so.

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