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Hi… I was supposed to post on 1st Jan and now it is 4 days later. Life has been hectic and right now is the only moment I have had to myself. My to do list for 4 days had – post on blog and manicure/pedicure. I will do the latter after finishing the former.

We never celebrate New Years outside the house… it is expensive, crowded and a big hassle. The 1st new year KC and I were together in Mumbai was in 2008 when we were dating. It took us 1.5 hours to reach Mulund from Thane… and there was a long wait at our favourite restaurant… we ended up having Dominos Pizza around midnight. Never again, I vowed. It is just not worth it. This year, I slept at 9 pm on 31st Dec and woke up next morning at 9 am… we returned from Ranthambore on 31st and I was dead tired. The details of the trip will be in next post.

What was 2013 like? A mixed bag.

– The shift to Mumbai did not work out… KC tried his best to shift but it didn’t happen… thankfully. It is goodbye to Mumbai forever. I am never shifting to that abominable city again. I hate it so much… how do people live in that dirt, filth, pollution and traffic?

– I realized Gurgaon is the ONE. Say what you will… I love this city. On Friday I was sitting at the lunch table with 3 other colleagues… all of us are from different regions of India. This kind of diversity and cosmopolitan culture can be found only here. There is no one trying to divide the city and its people basis religion or politics. This is it… this is where we will spend our life. No more moving out from here.

– KC and I had our first talk about a baby. Until then, we were sure we don’t want kids. My gynaecologist made me aware about the ticking biological clock. I have 5 good years to decide. I don’t want to regret not having kids. We have decided to have 1 kid… next year.

– A new role in the HO. Working in the Head Office is very different from a regional office. I was privy to important decisions… discussions… it helped me understand the goings on better. The new role was also very different and I was so scared I will not be good at it. Thankfully, I managed fine.

– In the last few years of my work life, I have become courageous and sure. I know what crap I will take and what I will not. I don’t let someone’s position cow me down. If something is unacceptable, it is unacceptable… no matter who the person. I stood up for myself. A job is just a job. It cannot take away your dignity from you.

– Jazz… I started it… then gave up… and joined it again at the end of the year

– I started jogging on Mumbai roads… it was good. I discovered all the apps which helped me get to a 10 km today.

– Living alone was not so bad. It is nice to know that I can survive alone… of course, ‘living’ alone is a different thing altogether

– Shifting back to Gurgaon with KC was awesome… KC has changed… he helps out around the home more than ever… he started cooking (big whoopee)… I have had the pleasure of eating his handmade poha and khichdi… he joined a good organization in a very good profile.

– Family issues continue and there is no hope for this. My sis has twin boys and they are cutest kids ever. Unfortunately, I will not be able to meet them.

Plans for 2014?

– Jazz… need to get promoted to the next level in next 3 months

– Fitness… lose weight… I don’t want to join a weight loss centre… I won’t be able to maintain it. I want to meet my weight loss goal this year. What is it? Lose 10 kgs, tone up and get abs.

– Travel abroad… KC and I have yet to take a trip abroad together… Need to do it this year

– Real estate… We will get possession of our flat this year… really waiting for this

– Family… stay away. I am always made to feel like I am not needed. So, I am done. No more contacting the family.

– Half marathon… 21 km. The training has already started. Run as many mini marathons as I can this year

– Books… My reading has suffered. There are too many other things I am doing. I only read when I travel which is not much right now. Need to finish reading all the books lying around.

Thats about it. A very Happy New Year.


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