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I didn’t watch the Vogue Empower video even though many people shared it on facebook. I mean, it has been directed by Homi Adajania who gave us ‘Cocktail’ and absolutely mediocre (one step below mediocre) Finding Fanny. But all the criticism on twitter took me to youtube.

1) What is the reason for making this video? Who is the target audience? You? Me? We are already empowered. The woman who is not empowered? Well, she probably won’t have access to this video? The men? Yes, because all it takes is a video to change society

2) What is ‘sex outside of marriage’? And why is it being promoted? So, as a woman I have the choice to cheat, but my partner does not? And if we both have the choice to cheat, why are we even married? Why do we want to get into the legal hassles? Let’s just have an open live-in relationship we can exit at will. If am empowered, I won’t even be pressurized into marriage by parents and society. As a concept I don’t find monogamy very convincing. If it was natural to humans, it wouldn’t be so difficult in practice. Unless, we think that if something is difficult, it’s the right thing to do. Then, murdering someone is difficult for me… is it the right thing? BUT I strongly believe if you commit to someone, you stick to it. And if you can’t, you walk out and then do what you want.

3) So women want the choice to wear what they want…. and even to walk around naked. I want that choice too. I only exercise that choice inside my house right now… except when MIL comes. And then I have to wait till bedtime to walk around my bedroom without a bra. Torture, I tell you. And we cannot have sex right now because am loud. Oops… too much information. I was saying that let’s give men the choice to walk around naked too, right? Ugh… but then we will have hairy, paunchy, ugly bodies moving around… and men will turn up in gyms in their boxers and all. Let’s change this to- if you are non-hairy and fit, you can walk around naked? Else, please stay covered. This is for men AND women.

4) And what is this rubbish about ‘I am your privilege, but you are my choice’? WTF!!! I am privileged to have a great partner after tons of horrid dates, bad sex, arranged marriage shit… we are both privileged to have each other because I don’t think anyone else will tolerate me the way my partner does… and vice versa

5) AND Vogue? Seriously? What is THAT magazine about but fashion, clothes, celebrities etc? How much does it cost? 110 bucks? For 1 issue? No thanks.

6) Can we please talk about men AND women instead of harping on how we, women are superior to men. Because we are not. If we were, the men of this world (who btw are brought up by women) wouldn’t be such buffoons. They would know where the kitchen is… be sensitive… wouldn’t sit on their asses while the womenfolk work… expect sex like it’s their right… etc etc etc. Let’s face it. Women are responsible for the shitty men in the world rather than other men. If only the men had their asses whopped as kids by their mothers, this world would be a much better place

7) Why doesn’t the video mention fairness creams and skin colour? Oh wait, because Vogue probably has fairness cream ads in their issue every month

8) Deepika Padukone as the voice for women. I have nothing against this woman. But I have nothing for her as well. Give me a Kangana Ranaut over Deepika as the ’empowered’ woman anyday. Does Deepika speak her mind? No. Has she spoken up for women? No. Have you heard about her philanthropic initiatives? No. Oh wait, she is good looking and a star

9) It’s funny when a near size zero star talks about size zero. When was the last time she had a proper meal? 15 years back, I guess.

10) Enough said. That’s 2.35 mins of my life am never getting back.

People… don’t just blindly share videos… see it… listen to it… think about it… and then share it.

Famous names do not an ’empowered video’ maketh. Or something like that.

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  1. You spoke my mind there. Thanks for writing this post.. The whole Instagram was going wild over this video yesterday. I like balance and I promote that. A world of equals. Nothing more and nothing less.

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