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Dear Diary,

I drove 100 km today. I had to go to Panvel from Mulund… lost my way and landed up on Pune expressway. I was so sure I will reach Lonawala today before finding a U turn. Thankfully, there was a road to Old Panvel and onto New Panvel. I like Panvel…. it has a small town feel which reminds me of home. I have stayed in a small town and life is so different from a metro… it is slow… and simple… and comfortable… no concerns about pollution, traffic, crowds… even traffic lights.
It was a usual day. The weather is cooler now which is good…. makes life easier. I am reading the biography of Om Puri written by his wife… yes, the same one which created a controversy. I doubt I would have picked it up otherwise… Controversies work!!!
I am honestly so bugged with Chetan Bhagat. What an ass!!! If he has a problem with Hirani and Aamir why does he not talk to them directly? Didn’t he sign the contract? Why did he speak up AFTER the movie was declared a hit? Didn’t he read the script? I was reluctant to watch 3 idiots ‘coz it is based on Five Point Someone… only Aamir pulled me in. How many people have watched it ‘coz of him and how many ‘coz of Aamir? Does he not remember the fate of the stupid movie based completely on ‘A night at the call center’? I have had enough discussions on him… time for a new controversy.
Chalo… good night. Will write more soon.

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  1. Lol… Can’t use a map while driving and it is illegal to stop on the expressway… 🙂

    I want to read his tweets but would hate to follow him… hate that guy and his books.

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