Dear Diary Part 2

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Dear Diary,

I am exhausted today. My car had a puncture in the morning and I had to leave it at the mechanic’s. Travelling in the cabs all day has given me a headache. Dinner required a lot of thought since there are no tomatoes at home (barely anything can be cooked without tomatoes) and I didn’t want to eat rice… again.
The day involved dealing with a c****** distributor. I hate this breed. Lol… and yet here I am… handling hordes of them.
I am sorry I have not blogged… I had hostile visitors at home who criticized me as much as they could. There has been a setback in the peace project. The furniture arrived on Saturday night after a lot of follow up… bed, sofa-cum-bed, dining table, shoe rack, center table and mattress. KC and me are set now. I was afraid the house would look smaller but thankfully it is as huge as ever (or as tiny.. depending on perspective). The bed has a huge storage… sometimes, it makes the house look smaller. We have packed all our suitcases in it. Thinking futuristically, I bought an extra large shoe rack to place future shoe purchases. The bed has fit in the room very well…. but sleeping alone on weekdays on the huge bed is not fun.
The 32 inch LCD which has been rewarded by the company for meeting sales targets has arrived. I am keeping my fingers crossed… there is a chance it wont fit into the TV unit and I don’t want to mount it on the wall. Sigh!!! The problems in my life.
I just finished reading… ‘Om Puri’ by Nandita Puri… the same one which was at the center of a controversy. I didn’t like the book… it lacked depth. It was written quite simply… a relative specially a wife should never write her husband’s biography. Nita has even written about Om’s daily schedule which is quite un-necessary.

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