Day 3 and 4

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The plan was to visit Vinatge Car Rally and City Palace in the morning, explore the markets, have lunch at a lake side restaurant and watch the sunset at Sajjangarh Fort. I think it is very important to figure which places you are going to visit and which ones to skip. When you take a package tour, the operator will take you to all the irrelevant places also and that’s why we prefer to plan our own trips.

We had an enormous b’fast at the home stay. There was choley, masala puri, sweet seviyan, bread, home made butter, egg bhurji, paratha and fruits. All of it was prepared by Mrs Rathore. She started telling us about how her younger son convinced her for love marriage to a lady who was non Rajput. Some gems I heard from her:

‘My daughter in law’s only drawback is her caste. In every other way she is good. My whole family agrees.’

‘I realized non Rajput girls can also be sanskaari

‘She is so sanskaari that she agreed to get married in a lehenga with ghunghat. And has adopted all our traditions’

*Rant starts*

The daughter-in-law is a pilot just like her husband but smarter because she got a job during recession while he was sitting at home. And yet all that matters is whether she is good looking and ‘sanskaari’. What the hell do sanskaars mean anyway? The only thing expected from a woman is if she will adopt the traditions of the in laws. They don’t care about anything else.

*Rant ends*

I was so sickened by the conversation that I excused myself to go to the room and pick up my purse and the camera while KC, the more patient one between us, had tea with them.

The Vintage Car Rally was ok. KC was disappointed that there are less than 20 cars here and the entry is quite expensive. The City Palace is beautiful but the museum inside is quite boring. The pathways are very, very narrow and we saw a long queue towards the exit. What did what Indians do. Took the wrong side and exited from the entryway. Yeah, am pretty good with that.

We explored the markets around. Last time I had come here we had asked our car driver to take us to the market. He took us to a pretty shitty store where nobody even entered. Finally, he took us to some expensive shops. Which is WTF because there are many local markets which are cheaper compared to shops. But we didn’t shop for anything. I don’t like stores which do not bargain and this being the peak season nobody wanted to lower prices.

We had lunch at Lake Pichola hotel. It has a beautiful rooftop but it was too sunny to sit there. We had a drink while watching the boats pass by. Perfect. I would love to stay there next time but driving to the hotel is torture because of the narrow lanes.

In the evening we went to Sajjangarh Fort which only has a view. There is nothing else there.

Next day was a very long drive. The longest we have driven is 6 hours so 10-12 hours was huge. The plan was to swap seats every 2-3 hours to prevent fatigue and boredom. And it worked well. We reached Gurgaon in 10 hours despite some traffic at Manesar.

It was a good year end trip. Looking forward to many more.

Entrance to City Palace


View from Sajjangarh Fort




Sunset at Sajjangarh Fort




DSC_0316 DSC_0318

Beautiful lamps in the quaint markets of Udaipur




WP_20141227_12_34_10_Pro WP_20141227_12_36_17_Pro

Pina Colada with a view



The Fort




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