Day 3

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So… I was happy when I woke up in the tent. It was warmer and I slept better…. there was a sun shining down on us and last night’s conversation made me feel closer to KC. We skipped a bath. We were headed to Leh which was only 2.5 hours away and decided to bathe among walls. We looked forward to staying between walls after the tent experience. One of the guys had an important conference call and we left early. While boarding the vehicle somebody decided that guys will sit together and the girls could sit together. I couldn’t believe my ears. For a moment I was carried back to my kindergarten days. There was a merry-go-round which would go round and round (not up and down). If there were fewer guys, the girls would sing; “Guy among girls… in Gujju- Chokriyoni vache chokro” and force him to get off. Same treatment would be meted to females.

Anyone who knows me well will know that I do not believe in gender bias. I like my guy friends as much as my female friends. And I hate being labelled “wife” all the time. Its a word loaded with expectations. I do not go by the rules of society. So, to have to sit with the other females ‘coz I am a female was very off putting. And KC did not protest. He happily sat with his friends. If my hubby will not stand up for me… who will?
I plugged my ipod and sulked… what I do best. We stopped on the way at Magnetic Hill. According to the signboard, any car parked in neutral will move away from the slope. Gravity has no effect here. Somehow, we found the car moving towards the slope. The landscape was beautiful. It is one of the most scenic roads. We clicked many pics… I sulked in most of them. I also made it clear to KC that if we do not sit together I will not sit with him throughout the journey. I was a little worried about the threat… what if he still did not sit with me? Would I have to carry out the threat? Would I have to sulk for the rest of the trip? I cannot stay pissed/mad for too long and I do not like tension between us. If I do not carry out the threat… he will not believe me again. Sigh!!! What a dilemma. Thankfully, he asked me to come sit with him in the car. I think eyebrows were raised but I didn’t care.
We reached Leh at around 10.30 am and got a shock. Hot water for bathing is available only between 6 am to 8 am and 6 pm to 8 pm. We snoozed throughout the day since the hotel staff advised us to rest, acclimatize ourselves and not go out. Hill stations face shortage of water and none of the hotels offer water. You have to ask for it. Water is not served in the rooms and nobody fills your glass in the restaurant. It is very, very precious here.
After a nice, late bath we were heading for dinner in the restaurant when KC’s friend invited us to his room. Everyone had gathered for a daaru session. I was too hungry and not in a mood to drink plus did not want to join in another Marathi session and so skipped the rest of the evening. It was much more pleasant to just sit in the room, rest and watch TV.
I leave you with some pics… Next… Day 4… Leh to Pangong Lake.

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