Day 2

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I slept till 8 am on day 2 at Kargil. Unfortunately for me, the hot water was gone by then. Instead of going to another room where there was a geyser, I decided to take bath in cold, cold water. It actually helped.

We headed for Uleytokpo. It is an insignificant place but the distance to Leh was too huge to cover in the same day. We were supposed to stay in a tent there. It sounded exciting. The landscape was amazing. I had the IPod glued to my ears to avoid interaction with the rest. I have never listened to so much music in my entire life put together. Anyway, we had the huge mountains and the river for company. In some areas there was ice and the river was flowing from under it. The rocks looked so dangerous. It reminded me of cliffs described in books. Nature in its varied forms. I fell in love with it.
We stopped on the way at a monastery. It was very small but the mountains around gave it a beautiful touch. Our lunch was arranged 20 km away which would have meant 1-1.5 hours of driving and we decided to have it at the restaurant nearby. Big mistake. The food arrived 30 mins later and tasted bad. I couldn’t swallow even one morsel. Somehow the rest gobbled down the food and ordered for more.
We arrived at 6 pm. It had rained during the day due to which the stones were slippery, it was very cold and our tent was dripping with water. We got the tent changed but it was not warmer here. We whiled away time till dinner in the stone house where food was served. It was so much warmer and we were tempted to spend the night there.
One of the guys who is a regular drinker and smoker wanted to have liquor but the manager was not agreeing to it since there were other guests staying there. He requested the guard to arrange something. The old guard lent us his hut. We huddled on the floor in the room of the hut. He gave us glasses and hot water. I had a few sips of the whisky but it had no effect. After dinner we all retired to bed. KC and I had a long talk about how the trip was progressing. I told him about my frustrations. He was sympathetic and we bonded. It was a good talk.
I will leave you with some pics. Next post… Uleytokpo to Leh.

The tent where we stayed

The river and the mountains

Beautiful landscape

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