Day 1 of April

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Hiya… so, starting on the resolution… I will blog everyday.
I work in sales… it is a job full of pressure. Life begins and ends with sales numbers.
It can get to be too much. Thankfully, I know how to switch off… not to take it too seriously… ups and downs are part of the job. In terms of sales targets, I have had more ups than downs… not ‘coz I am talented or skillful or smart or anything… it is luck. I have always handled growing territories… with high potential. And I have always worked with the best teams.
But… I see a lot of people who can’t handle the pressure… who only think and talk sales numbers. Not meeting a sales target gives them nightmares… they measure their successes/failures with sales numbers. This is generally the case with people who have suddenly switched to this profile/job. Such people worry even on the weekends… answering calls at all times of the day and night like their life depends on it. Burn out is not far away.
Sometimes I think what it would be like to be a writer full time. But then the realization hits that if I HAVE to write… I will start hating it… Instead of my passion it will become a compulsion… it will be measured in monetary terms. I’d rather write as a hobby than even contemplate it as a career.
It is as important to switch off from work as it is to switch on at work. Find the perfect balance and you will always have job satisfaction.

The last 5 days have been awesome. KC was here… we had home cooked meals (atleast once a day)… my bro stayed over for a day… we went to Water Kingdom (due to lack of entertainment options)… watched a play (Class of ’84).

Most times I forget he is a Gemini… He is quite reliable… and then he goes and does something so stupid, I don’t know how to react… he missed his flight yesterday… he forgot it was last night… ‘coz he did not bother to check. And this is the 3rd time… So Geminian. Nope, I did not fight or get pissed. He was feeling bad enough without me adding to it.
I am a typical Gemini too… except that I have a Taurus ascendant which makes me extremely stable and reliable (as stable and reliable Geminis can be).

Good night. 

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  1. oh gosh you are a cusp! fantastic.!I haven”t blogged in more than a month. feels terrible but I am so tied up at work. There is not time at all. Hope to rectify that over the weekend.

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