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Yesterday I went to the gym a little late… women don’t generally come at that hour. It was me, 2 other men and 1 instructor. I hate working out with only men around for below reasons:

  • They always put on the sports channel even if they are not watching it. What is it with men and sports? Anything in moderation is fine… but this is too much. It is as if some of them have to prove they are “men” and sports is the way to do it
  • They play bad music… the reason for this one I cannot fathom. It is ok to like soft, nice music… you don’t have to listen to hard rock and weird stuff to prove you are macho
  • They stink… it is all the hair on their body. I don’t get it… women go out of their way to look hairless but men like to flaunt their hair. Any suggestion of shaving it off is met with a blasphemous look. C’mon… even Bollywood men have started flaunting shaved chests.

I was reading a post here and started thinking…

You know it is time to dump the guy when:

  • He stops responding to you… phone calls go un-returned… dates are canceled… every effort to be with you seems like an effort on his part…. face it, he has lost interest… he is there for the sex only (maybe)
  • He spends more time grooming himself than you do… The guy should not be more good-looking than you.. never break this cardinal rule
  • He talks too much about work… finance guys tend to bore all the time with details about crap nobody cares about
  • He talks sports despite knowing your total indifference towards it…. shows he is self centered
  • He criticizes you all the time… run, if your relationship has reached this stage
  • He thinks you are damaged goods… kick him where it hurts before stalking off
  • He does not have any friends… something is terribly wrong with me
  • He is not talking/hinting commitment after a year of dating… he never will
  • He is too ambitious… you may get lost at the bottom of the list of things he wants to own
  • He is Mama’s boy and has never moved his ass off the couch to do any housework… thats just not acceptable anymore
  • He still sleeps with his teddy bear… this is cute if you are a girl
  • He borrows money all the time… even to buy his cigarettes

Ciao… got to sleep.

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