Dare 2 Date

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I love this show… cannot catch as often as I would like to…. but…

Today’s episode (maybe it is a repeat) has a typical Gujju 22 year old actress dating a Delhi 22 year old model. They are completely mismatched… she is a gharelu behenji… he is a cool dude. It is hilarious. I am just happy to see A’bad roads on TV. Sigh!!!
Before moving to Mumbai I expected the city to be multi cultural but it is very Marathi dominant (maybe Raj and gang have something to do with that). It makes life slightly difficult ‘coz I don’t speak a word of Marathi and have no interest in learning it either. I didn’t notice the Gujarati dominance in Gujarat because I know the language.
I love the ad ‘Strange Love’ of Coke. The new Fast track ads of ‘Move On’ are also very good.
There is nothing on TV on Fridays… what a waste!!!

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