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The environment and the people around you are so important. Especially, now. I have limited time on my hands wherein I juggle work, blogs, household chores, time with KC, reading, watching TV/movies, twitter, running, gym and friends. People are last on my list of priorities and I am very specific who I spend time with. As I have mentioned innumerable times on my blog, am pretty happy on my own. So when I chat with someone or meet them or even call them, it means I like that person. I am an expert in making plans and ditching. It does not even make me guilty. It is like the best of both worlds- don’t say “No” but don’t turn up.

The reason am saying all this is because the people around me matter. They influence me. They influence my lifestyle and views. If I have taken up running in a big way, I ensure am in touch with people like me. They keep me on my toes. They make me push myself harder. And sometimes, they make me not take it too seriously. They also make me decide what kind of a runner I want to be.

For me the challenge is not- buying junk when I go shopping… my challenge is not eating junk when it is already at home. The former happens only when I shop on an empty stomach- maybe once every few months. The latter becomes a challenge every single day. So, the person I live with and his/her lifestyle does impact mine.

Most people think am crazy for spending hours at the gym or running crazy distances. But the people at my gym are all like that. Everyone takes their push ups seriously.

I never used to be this “feminist” when I was in college. Sure, I was more independent than others but not as much as am now. And I do judge women (their husbands) who change their surnames or wear sindoor or believe in karvachauth. I do have friends who do stuff like that but we probably became friends before I had strong views against all this. But, I wouldn’t want to be friends with women/men like that anymore. Acquaintances- yes. Friends- No.

What I am trying to say is that people change, lives change, we grow up and we need people around with similar views. As we make new friends… there will be some “old” friends that we have to let go of. And making new friends becomes difficult. The good news is that we have social media. I can list atleast 10 people with who I wouldn’t have spoken more than 10 sentences in “real” life but because of common interests on social media, he/she is a very important part of my life. That is the beauty of the virtual world. You cut out all the other crap and connect on the basis of something common. Meeting people in real life involves a lot of effort and co-ordination which is not the case online.

Basically- surround yourself with people who have the same goals as you and see your life change. And it is ok to stop hanging out with that friend who always wants to meet for drinks and desserts. Perfectly ok. Because my lifestyle and health is more important than friendship.

It also means that if your family is bringing you down, cut the umbilical cord. You will be much happier. Be around people who make you a better person or at the very least, with who you can be yourself.

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