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I never write about current affairs. There is enough and more being said everywhere, specially on the news channels (if you still watch them… I don’t). But there are some things which genuinely interest me. One of them being the Aarushi murder case.
When she was murdered I was in Gurgaon and so it was widely discussed at office. There was a female who was from Noida and her relatives knew Aarushi’s parents. They found it difficult to believe that her parents could do this.
We never know what someone is capable of… Maybe there is a murderer lurking in all of us… We just need to be pushed far enough.
I have read articles written by different people- those for and against the parents. Many years back Femina had done a feature which talked about the Talwars side of the story. Shobha De had written an article against them.
Both versions are possible- maybe they are falsely accused since CBI has done a shoddy investigation and implicating the parents is more convenient. It is also possible that this is a case of honour killing. They happen everyday specially in Haryana and UP.
We will never know what actually happened, the only closure will be the court’s decision.
In Mumbai Mirror, a journalist writes about the court’s proceedings every week. I try not to miss it. It is very obvious that the investigation has been shoddy and unscientific. Some of the things are laughable. If Talwars are murderers they will surely get off and if they are not, there is nothing worse than being accused for your own daughter’s murder.

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