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KC and I have tried out a couple of restaurants and cuisines recently.

  • Kashmiri Kitchen: Located on MG road, it is a place we have passed by quite often. Located among the furniture shops, it looks quaint and cute. We have not yet tried Kashmiri food and decided to try out. Also, the reviews online were good. As we entered, there was a strange unpleasant smell. It was empty on a weekend. We asked for a recommendation and ordered chicken gravy made of red chillies. They were out of rotis and we had to order rice. The chicken tasted like the one made at home… the rice was a different kind.. small, sticky. We finished off everything but the food was strictly ok. I don’t know if it was the cuisine or the restaurant… I don’t think we will try Kashmiri food again.
  • Barbeque Nation: I have to been to the BC in Bandra and Thane. Getting a table in Gurgaon is impossible. It needs to be booked atleast 24 hours in advance. We landed up (after an hour of searching for the place) on a Sunday almost a year back and were told it is packed. Recently, we got a table on Sunday afternoon. The kebabs are very, very good. Generally in buffets like this very common and ordinary (and sometimes crap) dishes are part of the menu. Not in BC. After the kebabs, there is little space for main course and yet the menu is exhaustive. The price is around 600 bucks per head (approx) which is very reasonable.
  • Andhra Bhavan: Every state has a representation in Delhi. There are bhavans with canteens. The canteens serve the cuisine of that state. Andhra Bhavan is the most famous one. People flock here for the cheap and good food. We went there last Sunday. There was a long queue outside. We entered in, paid at the counter for the food and were seated immediately. I kept telling KC that I would have the Hyderbadi chicken biryani. I was disappointed when he only paid for that. I mean, a girl can change her mind… right? KC had a veg thali. The biryani was amazing. I love biryanis and have it quite often. Most of them disappoint me. A perfect… my perfect biryani has to have loads of flavoured rice… spicy… with gravy…. the chicken has to be small and full of flavour. Most of the time the chicken is bland… it feels out of place among the rice. Other times, the rice has no flavour. The biryani I had was perfect. The sambhar was so spicy. It cost us total 300 bucks. So cheap. A must visit if you are in Delhi
  • Mozart Cafe: It is located on Golf Course Road in South Point Mall. There is a store in the mall that I visit once a month. Mozart Cafe is located in the basement and has an outdoor seating. We went there today since I wanted to try a new place. The outdoor seating was useless even though there was a breeze outside. Since it is in the basement, the breeze does not reach there. We were seated inside. The food is expensive… everything at 300 bucks and above. We ordered a risotto with sun dried tomatoes and parmesan. I asked the waiter if veggies could be added. He said “Yes… but we will charge 50 bucks extra”. WTF!!! Nobody has said that EVER… I have never been charged for getting veggies added to a pasta/risotto. He then went to ask his manager and returned saying “We will charge it”… or something of that sort. When the risotto arrived it has veggies and ultimately I was not charged for it. Strange!!! But it ruined my experience. The risotto was good… very good. I ordered a creme brulee for dessert. Ok, I decided the dessert first and was waiting to finish main course to order it. Its an ok dessert…. not bad.. but not something I would have again. It has a custard and there is a caramel layer covering the custard. I did the breaking the

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