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I was bored of my workout regime few weeks back and started scouting for gyms. The only other gym I would ever consider joining is Crossfit. “Crossfit” is a form of workout and not a gym. It has a structured workout which is conducted in 1 hour sessions and in a group. It remains same for everyone in the class, what changes is the level of intensity depending on whether you are a beginner or intermediate or an expert.

These are the things in my consideration set when I look for a gym:

  • Weight lifting. The focus of the gym should be on this rather than cardio
  • Same workouts for men and women. Making women workout differently is sexist. Men and women have different kinds of bodies but they don’t need to workout differently at all. If your gym is treating you differently from the men, you need to quit NOW.
  • Trainers. The trainers should be knowledgeable, approachable and articulate.
  • Up-selling. I hate gyms which up-sell. Gold’s Gym is an expert at this. None of the trainers at FF (Fitness First) have ever approached me for personal training. Not even the ones am very friendly with.
  • Cost. There was a time when the cost was the first criteria but these days it is not.

I had checked out the Reebok Crossfit when it was at DT Mega Mall, they have shifted locations since then. So I went to Bodh Crossfit located in Sector 29 near Croma. It is a new “box” which was opened recently by a Reebok trainer who was earlier at Fitness First.

Crossfit has a 45 mins workout session which includes- warm up, learning a new skill and WOD (workout of the day). WOD is a 20-30 mins circuit. We were given a set of 3 exercises and we had to complete 3-5 rounds of that as fast as we could.

Here are the pros and cons of Crossfit (according to me):

  • The intense workout is only for 20-30 mins. I am used to high intensity for 45-60 mins. At FF, all classes are 60 mins and more and the intensity just keeps increasing with every minute.
  • Every WOD is a full body workout which means you can go to the gym only 3-4 days in a week. In a regular gym, you workout different muscle groups on different days. So, if it is chest day, the next day will be leg day. I don’t need to take a break
  • When the focus is on higher reps, the amount of weight you lift will be low. If you want good and fast muscle growth, the reps have to be slow and the weight high.
  • In FF, I can vary my workouts- kickboxing, yoga, weight lifting, TRX, Zumba, core etc etc but in Crossfit, the variation isn’t high which could get boring
  • The cost of FF and Bodh Crossfit is the same even though the latter is a new gym.

I left the gym missing FF, the trainers and the group of regulars whose names I don’t know even after talking to them for a year now. I am sticking to FF for now. I also have the option of using their gyms across the country (Bangalore, Mumbai, Delhi). Considering how frequently I will be travelling to Mumbai and Bangalore now, I think it makes sense to stick with FF.

To get out of the rut, I have decided to do TRX on my own 1-2 days a week apart from the trainer’s Friday class. There are a few videos on youtube and I just need to plan a different circuit for different days.

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