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Cricket and I have never been friends… not even acquaintances until now. Now, we share the same bedfellow and the threesome is not fun.

I have been in a boarding school all my life and cricket was far, far away. We played throwball and basketball. Our house was female dominated and dad was not too interested in cricket. On rare days when he managed to get a peek in, the females swooped in and snatched the remote. My bro is a cricket fan and we indulged him during holidays.
It is a different story now. KC was describing how he used to watch every match at home, watch the highlights also, read every article in the papers, discuss matches with friends and play the game at every opportunity.
I do not want to deny KC his passion and first love and trust me, I have tried to take interest in the game. But its not working… the more I watch it, the more I hate it. It does not help that there is no escape… if the TV is off… people post about it on fb and tweet about it. That is very weird… if I am a cricket fan I am watching the match, do I need to read about every over, run and wicket on fb/twitter? And if I am not a fan, I don’t bloody care.
Last Saturday was damn boring. The match dragged on for hours and gave me a headache. No amount of reading or Gossip Girl could make me ignore it.
This Saturday, KC decided to let go off the end of match so we could go out for dinner.
I do not understand how people “watch” games. If you enjoy something, play it. What is the fun in watching it?
KC’s recent wish is that I will watch the match with him and enjoy it. I don’t see that happening. All I can do is let him watch it in peace. And I am pushing my tolerance to the utmost limits.

7 thoughts on “Cricket Vs Me

  1. @Joydeep- IPL is actually fun with all the drama and the excitment.

    @Bulbul- you are right about cricket. It is a game that is so over exposed that in the near future it is going to lose many of it’s decent followers too. Since the advent of the 20 over match, it has made sitting through 50 overs intolerable.

  2. plz… that wasz a joke… dont have to be serious on that…

    Besides we hav 2 tv’s to take care of ur issues.



  3. @ Joy: Not really… it will only try my patience

    @ Anita: Lol @ 50 overs

    @ KC: Yeah… thats how you communicate your inner wishes… by making jokes about them. 2 TVs also mean division of the house… does that mean I have lost you to the TV till IPL is over?

  4. With so much of overdose of Cricket this is correct time to lose any previous interest in it. So don’t even try to create interest.


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