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There is a show called ‘Chrysalis’ in Epicentre. It is a performance by students of Danceworx who are training to be instructors. I missed it 2 months back and was very happy to hear that it is happening again. I booked the tickets- front center. I was planning to go alone rather than drag an unwilling KC along. The show is on Thursday and Friday. I booked tickets for Friday. All week I have been looking forward to it. On Wednesday, I wished I had booked tickets for Thursday… Friday seemed so far away. On Thursday, I felt the same way. On Friday morning I messaged a friend who is a student in Danceworx at a senior level.
Me: Hey… coming for Chrysalis?
Him: Yep… Have you booked your ticket?
Me: Yep

Yesterday evening I rushed home and changed… after 3 dress changes- skirt to maxi to jeans, I was ready at 7.15 pm (I was planning to leave by 7 pm max). I locked the house… called for the lift… and went through my phone to check the booking sms to save time. Thats when I realized I am the biggest dumbo on this planet… the show is on 27th July’12- next Friday. Sigh!!! I went back… called KC who had a good laugh at my expense… changed into night clothes… put back the other 3 dress changes… and settled down to wait for next Friday.

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