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Topics on which I have received training in the corporate:

  • How to recruit

  • How to manage a team of executives

  • How to manage and lead a team of managers

  • Crucial conversations

  • Time management

  • How to be more productive and efficient

Topics I have not and never will be trained on :

  • How to empathize.

  • How to deal with failure. Because failure is a very real possibility now. So far I have focused on not failing but now I realize that failure is inevitable. How to pivot and spring back is the real challenge.

  • How to have a work life balance. Most people in the room don’t have any hobbies or interests and I wonder what are they working for. Isn’t earning money a means to a comfortable life and personal growth? How do you grow if you don’t have a life after work? How do you live if you don’t make your family a big priority? What do you come home to? Such people are beyond my understanding. On the other hand, people who do have interests outside of work are better managers and leaders, in my experience.

  • How to take a break from work, evaluate your goals and frame a path towards it.

  • How to align your values with the organization’s values and what to do incase of a disconnect. Quitting an organization because your values and ethics are being compromised is perfectly alright. Quitting because the mental torture is not worth the money you are being paid is perfectly alright.

  • How to manage your time and finish work within official working hours. Should be a mandatory training for most people.

That’s it for now.

Corporate trainings make me very grumpy.

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