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Few weeks back, Meenakshi Reddy Madhavan (blogger, writer- link here) tweeted about and raved about it.

I decided to check it out this weekend. delivers ingredients for the recipes listed on their website. In times of ordering in and employing cooks this may seem like a useless service. But it’s not… here is how:

  • On weekdays, we eat home made food for our meals. We stick to the regular- roti, sabji, daal, chawal. I have stopped experimenting with meals because am watching what I eat and I don’t have time to cook exotic stuff. We eat out when we want a change and like to keep it simple. So, we have basic ingredients at home. To cook something new I need to go out and buy stuff- most of the times, whole packs even to use tiny quantities. And then throw it away when it expires. That is a waste of money. The best part about cookfresh is that they deliver every ingredient in the quantity you need. Even the tomatoes and onions are chopped and sent.
  • I like to cook but I haven’t come across 1 website/blog which I feel is the best for recipes. Something which has all kinds of Indian cuisine. I have to think of a dish, look for the right recipe, shop for ingredients and then cook it. It is a long process. With cookfresh… I go to the website, pick a recipe, place the order, wait for delivery and then just follow the instructions.
  • The prices are pretty cheap. A chicken chettinad cost Rs 389 for 2 people. We spend more than this when we order in. I still have leftovers which am going to eat for lunch today.
  • The recipe works. This was the most important part for me. When em (Meenakshi) tweeted feedback about the service, I decided to try it. I have tried cooking chicken chettinad in the past and failed miserably. In fact, I can never get chicken right. Yesterday’s chicken was almost (slightly overcooked) perfect and now I know how to make a great chicken chettinad.
  • Every ingredient is sent. The recipe recommends that it should be eaten with rice and even rice was sent. Ginger, garlic, garam masala… even oil is sent. All you need are utensils, water and salt/pepper.

I decided to have this with appams. I managed to find a recipe which does not use yeast (I don’t know how to use yeast in cooking) here (Readers- if you don’t give credit when you “borrow” something, it is called plagiarism. Yes, even for ideas). On Friday evening, I soaked the rice and daal. After 5-6 hours, I ground everything and left it to ferment overnight. And we had piping hot appams for lunch with the chicken chettinad.

(Need to buy an appam maker now)

The box as delivered by cookfresh


All the ingredients packed neatly along with the recipe card.

WP_20150711_13_03_32_Pro 1

Chicken chettinad- In progress


Chicken chettinad – ready to eat


I cooked the appams on a pan.


That is the most perfect one.


The only issue I faced was on the delivery. I placed the order around 2 pm on Friday and the delivery reached at 1 pm on Saturday after a lot of follow up. Sure, it was raining but I wish there was some intimation on the delay. Also, since chicken was getting delivered I didn’t want the delivery to be received by the building guard (like it happens normally) and be left outside for hours. So, order accordingly. If you place the order by 2 pm, they deliver the same day.

*This is not a sponsored post. I don’t do such posts on any of my blogs… yet. All views are mine until I change my mind and then am not responsible for what I said*

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